How to register as online user  
  The SAMO database is now online! No more waiting for the snail mail to arrive with entry forms, confirmation of learners etc. Schools will now have access to their own information and can:  
  • Update their school details
  • Check their registration for round 1 to 3
  • Check their tracking mumber for their competition parcels
  • Receive regular communication such as the entry form via e-mail
  The procedure to register and have access to these benefits listed above is as follows:
  1. There are two steps in the registration process. The first step is to create you user name and password by completing the online entry form below. After clicking the create button a second screen will appear for your online profile. Complete this section and then click on finish.
  2. SAMO will then process the entry prior to enabling the account once it has been approved.
  3. Subject to approval, you will be notified by Email of your entry status.
  4. Thereafter you may log onto the website to view details related to your school with any relevant entry and payment details.
  5. Schools will be able to perform limited editing on restricted fields to update the school information.
  6. Teachers cannot register their learners online. You still need to post the entry form & proof of payment before the closing date. See entry form for more details.
  Registration details and information
  Enter your details below and click on the Create User button   

Sign Up for Your New Account

Create your own user name. It is case sensitive

Create your own password. Must contain at least 1 non alphanumeric character.
Minimum - 7 characters (example - abcd*123)

Your email address.

A reminder to prompt you in case you forget your password. (e.g. favourite colour or friends name.)
The answer to the question that will help you to remember your password.

After you have created you account you will be requested to provide details for your profile.

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